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Newquay Coastguard Call Outs

2018 – Shout 04

Date: February 3, 2018

Time: 14:25

Team paged at 14:25 following reports of a kayaker missing off Newquay, Cornwall.
As the team were assembling the kayaker was located safe & team were stood down

2018 – Shout 03

Date: January 22, 2018

The team were paged for the third shout of the year following reports of a vehicle stuck on the beach at Porth. HM Coastguard teams will only attend to ensure people are safe, we will not asist recovery of the cars. On this occasion the car had been recovered to the car park prior to our arrival and no one was in danger.

We don’t know why anyone would take a car on the beach, the sea salt will corrode it and there is the risk of getting stuck, as you can see from our selection of pictures.

Why would you want to risk your pride & joy becoming a very useless submarine?

Here’s some top tips

1  Unless you are 100% sure it is safe to drive on the beach – don’t!
2  Having a 4×4 does not mean you will not get stuck
3  If you are going on to the beach use a suitable vehicle, get suitable training & have a means of self recovery
4  Ensure you have permission from the beach owner
5  If you are going on the beach have a plan B for recovery (local farmers are good people! )
6  If you ignore the above & get stuck get everyone to safety, remove valuables from vehicle
7  If anyone is at risk dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard

2018 – Shout 02

Date: January 13, 2018

Time: 12:20

Team paged following several reports of a male on Crantock Beach appearing to be in distress and calling for help.
Further reports were received that placed the male further along the coast path.
The team commenced searches along the coast path and our colleagues from Newquay RNLI lifeboat station searched from the sea.
The Crews from the lifeboat spotted the male & continued observing him until he was spoken to by Police & Coastguard at Holywell Beach.
The male was given advice & continued on his way.
Whilst searching Crantock Beach we observed a number of people clambering on the sand cliffs. These have been created by recent storms, some are up to 20 meters high and could collapse without warning.
There is a very real danger someone will be trapped by a sand collapse and possibly killed.
Please do not climb on them.

2018 – Shout 01

Date: January 6, 2018

Time: 14:47

After an unusually quiet time over the last few months, the first callout of the year came on a cold, clear afternoon for the  St Agnes Coastguard Search & Rescue Team.
A person exploring the headland had managed to get themselves stuck on the cliff face at Cligga Head, Perranporth. When the 999 call was made by passers by, one of our team just happened to be walking out to Cligga themselves, and was able to have eyes on the casualty within minutes!
Due to the potential nature of this type of 999 call, Newquay Coastguard and St Agnes RNLI Lifeboat and Coastguard helicopter Rescue 924 were all tasked to ensure the right assets were on scene quickly. This would then enable a rescue to be carried out by land, sea or air.
On this occasion, Rescue 924 was able to effect a rescue quickly, returning the person safely back to the clifftop to be checked over.
A successful outcome, and a good multi agency response. Thanks to all involved.

Shout 80

Date: December 29, 2017

Time: 07:30

Team paged to assist Devon and Cornwall Police with a despondent male on a cliff edge.
Weather conditions were extremely poor, 50mph winds and heavy rain showers, many roads were partially flooded.
As team arrived male had been brought to safety by Police officers and the team were stood down.

Shout 79

Date: December 21, 2017

The team were called out due to a large ordnance discovered on the beach. The area was cordoned off for safety and we subsequently liaised with the bomb disposal team. It was confirmed not to be a bomb after analysing the object and that is was most likely a large rusty metal mooring net fishing float.

Shout 78

Date: December 2, 2017

Time: 14:22

Team paged to report of vehicle stuck in sand at Great Western Beach Newquay
The teams role was to ensure no members of the public were at risk, not to assist recovery of the car.
On arrival the team made sure everyone was safe and conveyed the drivers elderly passengers who were cold & had medical conditions to a local hotel where they were safe & warm.
The driver had gone onto the beach in order to turn around but had got stuck in the soft sand.
He was put in touch with a local farmer and arrangements were made to tow his car out.
The farmer arrived in the nick of time as the tide was lapping at the wheels of the car.
We remind people again, please do not drive onto beaches unless you are in a suitable vehicle & know it is safe.

Shout 77

Date: December 2, 2017

Time: 11:22

The team were paged to assist a male who had fallen and possibly had a broken ankle on the coast path near to Mawgan Porth.
The team attended along with Cornwall Air Ambulance
The location was some distance from the nearest road, across several fields
The casualty and his partner were located, his ankle was placed in a vacuum splint and he was given pain relief, then lifted over the fence and transported by the Coastguard to the waiting South West Ambulance Service ambulance and crew at the road.
John and Suzie are from Bristol and visiting Cornwall for the weekend, this morning they decided to walk the coast path and John was intending a romantic proposal , however after slipping and injuring his ankle he decided whilst waiting for the emergency services that proposing there and then was going to be more romantic than a hospital bed! He then asked Suzie to marry him.
We are please to report she said yes!
Congratulations to you both from all of the team


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“Back safe at hotel with cast – broken fibula at ankle end – two attempts to set … ouch! Huge thanks to all the crew! You were super efficient and had great banter which has added to our engagement story!!”


“Great job done as usual”


“Saw you all hard at work yesterday at Little Fistral, thank you for all that you do”


“Your rescue teams do an unbelievable job!”


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“Just witnessed the fantastic combined efforts of the RNLI and the Coastguard in a cliff face rescue of a girl stuck ¾’ s the way up”


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